Our Philosophy

  • While ITernative remains a separate organization from our clients, we strive to challenge the perspective of being a vendor for all parties involved and provide deepest possible level of transparency and integration into our client’s business.
  • Provide seamless "White-label / Plug-in" IT resource for existing staff and infrastructure.
  • "Part-time Payroll" / "Full-time Commitment" mentality
  • Build the best IT Department possible, and share it among our clients based on their needs and desires (Think Cloud Services for IT talent, tools and processes)
  • Mix the support and project work under one flat monthly rate.
  • Follow the best industry practices and security guidelines to protect our clients and their data.
  • Utilize the best available tools and provide training for our staff to ensure highest quality of service
  • Our clients don't HAVE TO tell us what to do, we know the best practices already, and get them implemented. Customer CAN tell us what to do.
  • Keep learning. Get better. Repeat.
  • Client's interest comes first. Period.